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Gilgit-Baltistan Social Welfare Organization provides a podium, for its members and all those affiliated to it, to raise their voices through writings. The organization would ensure that the efforts of G-Bians would be recognized. It would disseminate thoughts, ideas and constructive information through its website along with a host of other social welfare programs. The organization would highlight scholarly material from any G-Bian and it will provide a platform where the research and publications of G-Bians would reach a much broader global audience. We feel that our members and the people from Gilgit-Baltistan seek to reach a broader audience for whatever the intellectual work they produce and we are in a position to help them meet this end. In order to fulfill this objective we look forward to your articles on any subject matter such as our history, culture, politics, media, tourism, science, technology, commerce and nature.

This Center is being supervised by:
Dr. Usman Mustafa
Chief Project Evaluation and Training Division PIDE,
Director Economics of Conflict Security and Development Center
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE),
Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

Mr. Asif Hussain
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Encironment Society and Design
Lincoln University
New Zealand


Recent Publications

Gilgit-Baltistan Social Welfare Organization provides a platform for representation and acknowledges the contributions of its citizens towards welfare of the region in every walk of life. This section highlights and promotes any research work or any publication in any discipline like culture, tourism, ecotourism, current affairs, professionalism, education, history, civic life and policy recommendations.

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