Events Calendar

G-B SWO has a proposed calendar to engage its members with the community at large for the greater good of the whole society. The planned events and activities to comprise this year are as follow:

  • Visits to Various Institutions of Gilgit-Baltistan for awareness regarding education ecotourism, unified community and cultural norms (Apr-May)
  • ‘Geogilgit Couching Session’ – Dwelling Summer for Admissions in Various Institutions across country as well as abroad (May-Jul)
  • Proposed ‘Internship Scheme’ under the banner of G-B SWO (Jun-Aug)
  • Celebration of ‘World’s Environmental Day’ in Gilgit-Baltistan (Jun 5)
  • ‘Green Youth Movement Organization’ (GYMO) – Youth camp at Shandur (Polo Festival) (Jul 5-10)
  • Workshops regarding ‘Scholarship Updates’ from all across the globe (Feb, Jul, Sep)
  • Seminars regarding the ‘Geopolitical Importance of Gilgit-Baltistan’ and other concerned issues with the help of the advisors, trustees and board of directors of the organization (Oct-Nov)
  • Celebration of ‘Independence Day of Gilgit- Baltistan’ (Nov 1)
  • ‘Geogilgit Winter Camp’ before Board Exams (Dec-Feb)
  • ‘Annual General Meeting’ of Gilgit-Baltistan Social Welfare Organization (G-B SWO) (Dec-Jan)

Complete Information regarding all events and activities can be received from the ‘News and Update’ as well as ‘E-Paper’ section of the organization’s website. Members of G-B SWO and all those who are affiliated with the organization would be informed and updated by the organization itself.

We Believe in:
‘By Love Serve One Another’
‘Beat the Best’
‘Education for All’

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