The biggest threat ‘Climate change’ is everywhere. Today we are seeing the impacts of climate change around the globe - melting glaciers, rising sea levels, stronger storms, high floods, less snow north and more drought south. While individual events cannot be proof of serious climate change, multiple events, observations in nature, and observations by people living close to nature tell the full story. Climate change explains that the Earth’s climate is driven by a continuous flow of energy from the sun. Heat energy from the sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and warms the Earth’s surface

Group’s Description:

The mission of Green Youth Movement Organization (GYMO) is to educate and give awareness to all particularly the youth about environmental issues like climate change, eco-friendly behavior, saving biodiversity, water conservation and eco-tourism and our responsibilities associated with these matters.
We, being the youth, are concerned about these environmental issues and the current dilemma of climate change. We are the future and we want change. Our slogan shares our values and ideals:
Think Green
Be Green &
Act Green
Join hands with GYMO to promote its mission and objectives.