Say No to Extremism in Gilgit-Baltistan

The land of peace, love and harmony, Gilgit-Baltistan, is under terror attacks. The recent unfortunate shocking events, in our beloved homeland, have shattered the normal activities of our lives. This edgy situation has gone unabated crippling the normal day activities. Meanwhile, we observe that, the political government and the security forces/agencies have failed to deal with this tense situation and this failure has further strengthened the hands of the criminals involved in such dreadful activities. Every one of us, without any distinction of caste, creed, sect or ethnicity, wants to have peace in the region. The region needs to get benefited from its geo-strategic position. Every G-Bian wishes to have peace so that the region heads towards development promoting the ideals of love, harmony and mutual cooperation. This can only be achieved if we, particularly the educated lot, play our role in this regard. We need to be vigilant and need to strengthen ourselves to defeat our enemies, internal & external, by saying No to Extremism, by creating awareness and education and voicing for our rights.

If You respect our notion then be a part of our event to show Solidarity with the suffered lot. We need to tell the world that we are united by showing our reverence and solidarity to the victims, the innocent lives that have been lost, be these be from any sect. We are the sons of the soil and we are here to protect our motherland. We respect life and we are here to stand against those who are enemy of peace and harmony. All Pakistanis, belonging to any party, ethnicity or sect, particularly the G-Bians, from every walk of life, are invited for the ‘Gathering’ and the ‘Candle Light Vigil’ event that is to be held on April 28, 2012 (Saturday) at 5:30 pm at the Liberty Chowk/Round near Gadaffi Stadium Lahore.

We Demand the Government to:

  • ensure peace and harmony in the region by taking stern action against the miscreants involved, be these be from any party or sect
  •  make Gilgit-Baltistan the constitutional part of Pakistan
  • separate the CSS quota of Gilgit-Baltistan i.e. 2%, from that of FATA, unlike 4% combined

The event has been organized to voice for our rights and the injustices that have been done with the region. G-B SWO, thus, invites particularly the student community of Gilgit-Baltistan, besides others, residing in Lahore, to make their participation possible in the event. Lets us gather and give the message to the world that we Stand against Extremism and we truly belong to the land of Peace, love and harmony.

S A Karim

Vice-Chairman G-B SWO