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ARTICLE TITLE SAYEM 2011 - Dhaka Declaration [A Call for World Leaders]
AUTHOR Asif Hussain
DATE POSTED 2 December, 2011

SAYEM 2011

South Asian Youth Environment Meet 2011 brought together the most active youths of the South Asian region who are committed to changing their communities. SAYEM 2011 was designed to be a
forum of exchange for the South Asia's future leaders to spark discussion about the environmental challenges faced by the region and to find out solutions to address those challenges.

The youth leaders discussed the key aspects relating to climate change and environment, draft and
recommend policy changes.

SAYEM 2011 was also attended by a number of the leading academics, scholars, scientists, experts, and professionals including Dr. Hasan Mahmud, State Minister for Environment and Forests, Bangladesh, and Dr. Atiq Rahman, United Nations’ Champions of Earth and one of the leading IPCC scientists.

SAYEM 2011 Dhaka Declaration- South Asian Youth Call to World Leaders

The purpose of this declaration is to recognize the high vulnerability of the South Asian Region to the impacts of climate change including negative effects on the Himalayan communities, their low coping capacity, poor climate change monitoring technology, and weak institutional mechanisms and lack of information.

Country Representation:

SAYEM 2011 Declaration Working Group- Sanam Aksha, Prajwal Baral, & Dilli Bhattarai; Sharad Vivek Sagar, Asif Hussain, Wasiul Hoque Chowdhury representing Nepal, India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh respectively.

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