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Electronic Paper of Gilgit-Baltistan Social Welfare Organization (G-B SWO) is giving you a chance to enhance your knowledge on different perspectives of Local, National and International level .Being citizens of Global Village, the utmost desire of our communities must be Knowledge sharing and Information crux from across the Globe. The Aim and Objective of (GBWO) Electronic Paper is to boost up valid information of their members across the Globe on the following perspectives:
  • Educational News
  • Cultural News
  • Current Affairs
  • Job opportunities
  • Research and Publications
Catastrophes in the South Punjab Due to Climate Change and the Role of PIDEANS
Asif Hussain October 2, 2011
career guidance seminars/sessions in GB
Asif Hussain October 2, 2011
Seminar at KIU Gilgit
Asif Hussain October 2, 2011
SAYEM 2011 - Dhaka Declaration [A Call for World Leaders]
Asif Hussain 2 December, 2011
2012 Undergraduate Exchange Program
Asif Hussain December 2011
LUMS has announced the NATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAM scholarship for this year.
Tauseef Hussain Qasmi
WWF Volunteers
Maria Jabeen Jan 27, 2012
Maria Jabeen 31 Jan, 2012
TechGirls - A program for teenage girls with advanced skills in technology
G-BSWO 31 Jan, 2012
Meeting of G-B SWO at Lahore
S A Karim Mar 24, 2012
G-B SWO Office at Gilgit
S A Karim Mar 24, 2012
Member Board of Advisor
Asif Hussain March 2012
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