The geographical dispersion of Gilgit-Baltistan on a vast area makes it difficult to identify, analyze and address the issues of the region like students’ guidance, awareness, tourism and future of this arena. The advancement of information technology has contracted the entire world to a global village, even to a global room. It has gifted us a facility of internet that showed a positive influence on our lives. This interconnection has also provided an opportunity for the students of Gilgit-Baltistan to unite on one platform to address, share and resolve their issues in their way to a bright future. Thus a student dwelling whether in metropolitans of Karachi or in the mountains of Karakorum, Hundukush, Himalayas or even somewhere else abroad can discuss and disseminate his/her own information and experience.

Thus keeping in view the importance of Internet we have established an NGO besides an online community. Its website will provide a common platform for the public especially students of Gilgit-Baltistan who are the main target of our organization. It is managed and run by dedicated students as well as professional people of the region to provide information, discussions on various educational, cultural, social and political issues. The organization understands through considered introspection, analysis and self reflection the right direction for a successful life. It provides ammunition especially in the field of education to compete upcoming challenges of twenty first century. It will try to instill qualities that lend a purpose to the people.

This social welfare organization (G-B SWO) shall strive to work on the issues of educational, civic life and socio-cultural aspects. Keeping all these aspects in mind the organization has given a core value in its manifesto to help to boost up the masses of the region particularly student community to compete at all stages of life.